Unipro International Football Academy

We aim to provide higher education in conjunction with world-class football coaching for international student-athletes. Our programme is designed to support young players in pursuing a footballing career while studying for a degree at a leading UK university.

Our aim is to educate and coach you on and off the pitch not only to develop you as a student-athlete but as an individual. Further to providing outstanding coaching, Unipro will create pathways through our own placement agency that supports players in their careers post-university.

Your Development is Our Priority

We understand that success is not limited to what happens on the pitch. That’s why our programme is designed to nurture your growth both as a student-athlete and as an individual. Beyond offering exceptional coaching, we are committed to equipping you with the life skills and knowledge that will set you on the path to success, on and off the pitch.

Creating Pathways to Success

Unipro goes the extra mile to support your journey beyond your university years

Unipro’s services extend to assisting those who continue with a career on the pitch in obtaining their first professional contract, while also facilitating opportunities for students to establish themselves in professional roles beyond the realm of football.

Undergraduate & Postgraduate

UEFA & a Licensed Qualified Coach

Support & Guidance

360° Holistic Care

Bringing The Best of Football & Education Together

World-class football coaching for international student-athletes.