The Process

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Putting you in the game

We know how daunting it can be to apply to a university in a foreign country that is why Unipro is here to guide you through each step of the process. Click the QR code to apply directly to Unipro and speak to your representative.

Follow the process



    Apply to University

  • University Offer

    Receive conditional or unconditional offer




    Apply for student loan or private fund

  • Visa

    Apply for student visa



    Final Offer

    Receive final unconditional offer

  • Fly

    Arrive in UK



    Coach & Educate

    We coach & educate you

  • Support & Guide

    We support & guide you while a Unipro student-athlete




    We guide & support you to find a job

  • Unipro Alumni

    You become a Unipro alumni


Scan the QR code or follow this link.

Unipro Location

Unipro is proud to be located in the heart of the UK.

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