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Take Your Coaching Career to New Heights with Sheffield Hallam University’s Sport Coaching Degree.


Embark on a transformative journey delving into the world of sport coaching through Sheffield Hallam University’s undergraduate degree in conjunction with UNIPRO’s football development program.

The comprehensive undergraduate degree delivered by Sheffield Hallam university is led by experienced professionals in the field. Meticulously crafted to empower you with the essential skills and knowledge for success in the dynamic field of sports coaching.

Immerse yourself in first-hand experiences of top-level coaching provided by UNIPRO’s football coaches alongside the duration of your degree.


Explore a course that opens doors to specialization, ranging from community and children’s coaching to elite performance. Providing a dynamic learning experience that aligns with your career aspirations. Delve into a curriculum designed to nurture your skills and knowledge through various channels, including lectures, practical activities in simulated and real-world environments, placements, work-based learning experiences, a virtual learning environment (VLE), and independent study.

Led by active experts in coaching, research, and industry consultation, you’ll benefit from their wealth of experience, connections, and networking opportunities with prominent sports organisations. This course equips you with the expertise to pursue diverse careers in sport coaching, whether in performance or participation-focused roles.

Learn to coach individuals of different age groups, evaluate their progress, and adapt your coaching to help them achieve their goals.


Throughout the program, you’ll develop the ability to apply coaching theories and concepts across various contexts and populations. Cultivate professional inter and intra-personal skills for effective independent delivery, articulate a personal and professional philosophy as a practitioner, and communicate with diverse audiences using appropriate forms of communication. Engage with the industry through alumni and professional networks, advocating for and challenging best practices.

The course establishes a strong foundation in theoretical, philosophical, and practical aspects of sport coaching.

Topics covered include;

  • innovative coaching practices,
  • coach-athlete relationships,
  • physical literacy, and more.

Offering a comprehensive framework for your journey into the world of sport coaching.


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Join us in shaping the future of sports coaching and kickstart your journey towards a rewarding career. Sheffield Hallam Sport Coaching

Your coaching adventure begins here!

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